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Bedford Academy

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Sean Durfy, the ex West Jet President, and a fan of bar Wellington expressed his appreciation here:

Sean Durfy

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable meal Friday night. It was a nice surprise that our server mentioned a list of gluten free items was posted in the kitchen.

I posted a 5-star Yelp.com review. 

Just wanted to say a big thank you for Saturday night! My husband had his 40th bday party at the upstairs patio and everyone had a great time! Big thanks to Ginger for setting everything up and to Natasha who took great care of anything we needed through out the night!
m :)


Was wondering if you take reservations??? So many people tell me about your place


nice intimate place to spend time with friends, small group or big.
great room, affordable drinks and food.
nice servers.
bookable rooms for events.

Melissa F.
Toronto, ONT.

There are two pubs on Prince Arthur Ave. between Avenue and Bedford.
The Bedford Academy and The Duke Of York. They are both pubs but the Bedford Academy is considerably nicer.

The menu is decent. Your average stuff: wings, thin crust pizza, salads etc. They have flowers on the patio and can seat tons of peeps at full capacity.

The staff is friendly and the inside bar is populated with people from the street post 9PM on weeknights, which is nice, cause everyone needs a local joint.

The best thing about The Bedford Academy is that The Duke Of York had to step up their game when it opened all fancy pub style right in their face, directly across the street.

Healthy competition never hurt nobody.

Anna V.
Toronto, ONT.

The Bedford Academy is really the perfect place to retreat to, with small groups or big, in summer or winter, and for food or drinks (or both!). It's cozily situated in an old victorian, with multiple rooms adorned with old fireplaces, comfortable seating, and old books for decoration. In the winter, it's perfect for dinner and drinks with a few friends, and in the summer, nothing is more inviting than a cold beer on their large patio.

The friendly staff, delicious food (the chicken fingers and sweet potato fries are divine), and variety of drinks just makes it even better, and definitely favoured to the Duke of York across the street.

And you can always return after a night of drinking for their delicious hangover breakfast!

Sophia K.
Toronto, ONT.

This place makes me sad about not living in Toronto. Seriously. If I lived here this would be my local, everyday place.

Firstly, being a New Yorker I'm not used to walking into what looks like a multi-family Victorian home that's actually a bar! It's very pretty inside, and has multiple different rooms. The backroom is a fab place to sit and chill on the leather couches, AND there's a little piano that people actually play! Plus, the Hoegaarden's are the size of my head (have I missed out on this at home?)! Lastly, of all the bar food we ordered to munch on, the clamari salad was a.m.a.z.i.n.g., all grilled and lemony and wonderful. Surprisingly, the friend that I was visiting had never been. Shame!!

Bedford Academy, I heart thee.

Ashley H.
New York, NY.

Drop what you're doing right now - and go there.

They have the BEST. FRIES. I. HAVE. EVER. HAD.

That's right, you read right.  Literally, the best fries I have ever had.  It was  like being in a parallel universe - I never knew such delicious, crispy, flavorful fries existed.  A-mah-zing!  I practically melted under the table from bliss.

I've been coming here for years - the actual setting has always been awesome, the service was great, and the food has gotten better over the years.  I ordered the fries with the grilled veggie/portobello melt which was excellent - the right balance of flavors complimented by goat cheese.  My husband ordered a burger and he said it was the best burger he's had in years.  And yes, the Hoegarden was about the size of my head (which in my opinion, is the only size beer should come in).

We don't come by often, but I think it needs to be our go-to place in the annex.  Movin' on up from the Green Room I suppose.

Abby R.
Toronto, ONT.

This is my new "go to" recommendation for birthdays and celebrations of all sorts. The house is actually a mansion and surprises abound at every corner. The patio is amply sized, plus there are two semi-private, 30-person capacity rooms on the first floor, an entire second floor that you can pretty much have to yourself and - wait for it - a third floor with pool table, sexy fireplace and comfy couches that you can book for private functions. It has a sort of 'attic' feel to it - but not in a "Flowers In The Attic" or "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" way. "Good For Groups" is an understatement - this place is good for hordes of people.

Our server Heather was incredibly friendly and accommodating. In fact, every single person that I spoke to at Bedford tonight was professional and welcoming. I didn't sense an iota of attitude from anyone and when I had a million, random "Kat-esque" queries about the space, people were happy to provide me with information. Servers, take note: this is quality service the way diners like it - friendly but not over the top "I-wanna-be-BFF-and-sit-at-your-table", prompt and attentive. I never had to look for our server or wonder when she was going to get around to serving our table, even though the place was busy.

I ordered "Simone's Stellar Grilled Cheese" - and with a name like that I knew it'd be a beast to contend with: three slices of grilled marble rye packed with Canadian cheddar emmenthal cheese and topped with a wedge of brie. I opted for no sauteed onions or seasoned garlic tomatoes, and when my order came out wrong Heather was quick to go out of her way to make things right, pronto.

SO: grilled cheese! The bread was indeed marbled and rye - it looked beautiful and tasted even better. It's a monster sandwich that really stretches the limits of the mandible so pace yourself. Quality cheese - I mean, really, can you ever have too much cheese? And the fries, as mentioned by others, are indeed "famously good." I'm sure someone's going to tell me they were prepared in duck fat, but you know what? I LOVE DUCKS.

Kat. F
Toronto, ONT.

I just wanted to write and thank you again for our fabulous party. Everything went well and we had a great time. The food was wonderful!

Again, thanks for the party especially on such short notice.

Jennifer N. Scott
Associate Producer
CBC Radio-Canada

On behalf of our members, and especially the children, we wish to thank you for your generosity.

Henk Engels
Executive Director
Track 3

Everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal!

John Hollins & Staff
Baxter Smith

On behalf of the Orientation Comittee we are writting to thank you for supporting orientation week.

Marc Allard, Tara Gill, Michelle Jackman, Larissa Matukas
The Medical Society
University of Toronto

Just a short note to let you know how much we appreciated all that you and your staff did to make our company celebration a success.

Lynda Budd
Director of Real Estate
Blockbuster Video Canada

This years event was even more successful than the previous years.

Judy Peacock
Sunnybrook Foundation

I'm just writting to let you all knowhow pleased and delighted we were with your facilities on the night of our Air Farce wrap party...

Carol M. Bowman
Audience Coordinator
Royal Canadian Air Farce

We all had a very enjoyable evening at your restaurant last night. We appreciate your communicty spirit!

Coleen Peacock
Meals Here and There Inc.

Hey Richard,

We had a great evening for our company Christmas Party, on the 3rd floor at the Bedford Academy.
The food was excellent, beautiful Lounge and and the boys of course enjoyed playing pool and mini golf.

The hostess is very pleasant.Great drinks and good music.

We are hoping to have our next Christmas party on December 12,2008 so you can book it now.

Thank you,

Dolly Ramdial

Dear Jim; Here is the letter that I wrote on behalf of our lab here.

I hope that we can come next year for our party as well. We loved all the food etc., and hope to come back to use your establishment.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Thanks again.

Pauline Walsh


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